the day is now night…

…playing in the background is Kenneth Edmond’s

‘said I love you,

said I care,

when I tell you I love you

means I’ll always be there

I’ll never leave you

I ain’t going nowhere

when I tell you I love you

cross my heart I’ll be there”

I’m sure you can tell that the title of the song eludes me. If it counts for anything, Touch FM has some great music at this time, unlike other stations (s small kalango in there) no sweat, I don’t have reason to.

Stevie Wonder’s “Overjoyed” does not reflect my mood right now, work was rather trying this evening. Everything started out fine, all the right links at all the right times, my co-presenter and I were gelling really nicely, the mood I believe was being felt by those listening in at the time… all good things rarely last long…the sports commentator had to go and spoil everything by coming in a couple of minutes late, so late, we had to do the sports without him…it gets worse; he walks in mid-commentating and my co-host puts the fellow on-air,after I’d tried to run the desk(switch the intruder’s mic on mid-sentence…to which my co-host gives me the looks saying ‘WHAT-THE-****’)

Cutting a long story short, I walk out of the studio for a clean 15 minutes, hoping to clear my head. You should have seen my thoughts,I could have killed someone,thank heavens they’re just thoughts,right? Right?!

I believe the problem here is my co-presenter(I’m tired of calling him co-whatever, we’ll call him Larry…no offense to the Larry’s out there reading this)…Larry does not like being corrected. He’s getting cocky. **** it. I’ll do what I do best & let him **** up the rest.

I hope to sleep some some tonight, you take care.

till next time, easy does it.


3 thoughts on “the day is now night…

  1. So, Baz has given u bubonero at his…atte they are not free of charge..mbu he wants money.

    Now lemme read the posts…had to make sure that I secured the firsties on this blog first.

    Welcome to the fold.

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