Valentine’s craze

I woke up not-too-early this morning and right after my bath,whilst prepping for the Celtel Africa Challenge launch at the Celtel House, I received a call from a personal friend, wishing me a beautiful valentine’s day. Needless to say, I was not expecting anything for valentine’s this year, having chosen to walk away from my previous relationship some time last year. And hearing from him made a world of difference for me, my day and dare i say, my month. Which reminds me, I best remember to wish him a swell birthday when the time comes.

I am anticipating my salary will be fronted in a couple of days. The difference this time round is I am making a deliberate effort to save some of it, as opposed to spending the entire sum steadily over a week or so. And to meet that goal, I’ve opened 2 other bank accounts, spreading the “savings” between both, and I hope not to touch ’em.

I’ve also resolved to close a certain chapter in my life that was never really attended to. Thing is, I met this wonderful gentleman (and gentleman he was and continues to be) at my first vacation job. He wore his trousers so …mm mm…well, you know, neatly pressed, his shirts…(sigh) clean and crisp. He knotted a tie better than any man I know. His speech was and I’m sure continues to be impeccable. He is a story in himself, a story I will get into a couple of days from now.
Anyway, he is seeing someone else today, and he’s happy. And in my heart of hearts, I am happy for him.
Albeit we need to talk…and get it over with(the chapter in my life that was never really closed appropriately. And don’t get it twisted, I won’t do him, I’ll just talk it through.

Till next time, easy does it, one day at a time.


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