School is in, full throttle

My class in Networking Technologies this afternoon totally threw me off my ______, don’t know what to call it, maybe be balance. I was taken to binary conversion and decimal numbers… had me wishing I’d paid more attention during that class in high school.

Tried to run after the tutor to get him to explain a thing or two about the subject but, running through a sea of students isn’t exactly easy, unless you’re Shaq.

I’m done for the day but I’ve got another lecturer to see between 8 and 10 am, the dilemma here is that I’m meeting my cell members in the morning 7:30 for our seed project, an initiative from church wherein members living in the same area code, get together and do something beneficial to the community. It could be anything from clearing the rubbish littering the ‘munity, or visiting the sick.

We’ll be doing a bit of both, hopefully we’ll be done in time for me t go to school and meet with Mr. Lecturer.

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