She’s my best friend and doubles as my biggest critic, whether it’s my outfit, or my choice in men, even my hair. It makes her day when I let her pick out my outfit
“Mom, here’s two dresses, which one do you think I should wear?”
Makes her feel involved at times like these when I can buy my own clothes, fuel the car, and go out on the town, without asking her for a shilling.

I’ve been toying with the idea of moving out of my parents place for quite some time now…(yes, I still stay with them, Miss Goodie-two-shoes like that)
only for her to walk into the living room, where I’m seated, trying to drink a litre of water in the hope that it will give me some relief from a nasty hang-over, brought on by an irresponsible night of drinking.

We get talking, she points out all my flaws(and my poor financial management – some days I will ask her for kitty for the week; I am working on learning how to work well with money) I retaliate with “I’m not a child anymore” kinda talk.

Finally, after the tempers are done flaring, I come to a sober conclusion that I should ditch my nocturnal life for a while, make Mom happy, then hopefully after I’ve made it to the Idols final, and won the Sony BMG contract and a cool $80,000, I can humbly inform the parents that I’d like to move house.

Say a prayer for me, and her.
Till next time, easy does it.

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One thought on “Mother…

  1. She too needs prayers. The small talk around town is not that good. But I guess you know that! You are your mother’s daughter.
    Encourage her to find the Lord.

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