I’m tired of this sh**

Thursday through to Friday I came home after 3 am, and one person responsible for me being on this earth, took it upon themselves to give me an ear-lashing, threatened to take my job away because apparently my ‘independence’ was getting to my head.

Yeah right, my mind’s made up; I’m leaving home, I just haven’t found a move-out date. This is a huge step, could mean that I take myself through uni, find a house, pay the rent, water bill…etc; I’m strong for it, will keep you posted.

Till next time, one day at a time.


4 thoughts on “I’m tired of this sh**

  1. It’s hard. It’s doable. But it’s very easy to regret that decision after as short-a-time as a month.

    I did it and then regretted and moved back home. My parents were paying my rent for the first 6 months to get me on my feet but after a while, I begged them to let me have my room back.

    It’s all fun and games when u’re independent but when it comes to paying the bills…and the boredom cuz let’s face it, u’re gonna get tired of strolling to bed everyday after 3.

    My advice, stay on at home and don’t abuse yo independence.

    PS: Mine is just an opinion. Ignore it if it don’t make sense to u..but I have a huge story to tell about moving outta home.

  2. move out NOW. There is always a way around those bills. Its like buying a car. You always fine fuel. Or buying a phone you always have more airtime than money in your pockets. Move out, I hear bills. Do your parents smile and those bills get paid? Do what they do. Independence does alot of growing up for you.

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