Rationale has prevailed

I’ve given it some thought and realised that I’m just struggling with the obedience thing. Questions like “What do I want to do in my own apartment that I can not do in my parents home?” , “Do I really want to live on my own?” , “Will the relationship between my parents and I still be alive and dynamic,as opposed to stale and dead” have been running around in my head and quite frankly, the answers to most of those questions are “Nothing out of the ordinary” , “Not quite” , “I don’t want to challenge that bond,family is all I’ve got”

So there you have it. This girl will be staying home.
Easy does it


3 thoughts on “Rationale has prevailed

  1. Rationale? I thought the reason why we moved outta our parents homes is coz we want to cut off all forms of communication with them and do things we never cud have done in their cribs..like stay up all night watchin re-runs of M*A*S*H, Two and a half men, throw parties all night long with disregard for the neighbours and yeah..get laid!

    ps..ur a wuss!!!

  2. Wow…WOB, good thing, this!

    I did it and regretted my ecision 3 months into the whole thing…and I turned back and went home!

    God bless ya heart for making thi decision.

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