The hustle and bustle that’s Kampala….

I had a fruitful day in the sense that I got most of my school work done, however I did criss-cross between Gaba and the centre of town twice, ( did I tell you I had 2hrs at the gym at about 6a.m.?) So you can imagine the fatigue I’m feeling right now.
During one of those trips in the ma3’s,I overheard a gentleman, on foot, remark to another in their car…”You’re lost!” I was already playing out my response, had he said that to me…”Excuse me? I’m not lost. I understand perfectly well, where it is I’m going…idiot(said with an exaggerated Nigerian accent)!

Anyhue…it’s my Dad’s 53rd birthday and I made him dinner, not to mention a freshly baked cake…it made his day, so I’m rather happy with myself, having done good today.

My heart goes out to people who lost relatives in the NSSF site accident, a little bit for those that lost money, I know, not funny, but hey?!

KCC needs to be taken out of business because they are doing a sh*ty job of Keeping Kampala Clean – I’m sure you’ve seen those concrete slabs spelling that out, dimwits can’t even dispose of months-old gabage, let alone collect it. Have you been through Namuwongo, Kawempe,Katwe,Kibuli or even Arua park? The entire place is a mess. Apparently whenever any citizen of Ug tries to fill up a bottomless pothole on our roads, they’re apprehended and taken into the coolers for operating without permission from the Council. Freaking permission my not-so-small-derriere!

All this venting has me working up an appetite…Did I tell you I’d made dinner and baked a cake? Oh well, better serve up and hope Dad doesn’t mind cutting me a slice of his cake.

Till next time,

Easy does it.


5 thoughts on “The hustle and bustle that’s Kampala….

  1. happy birthday to your daddy!
    i wish I could say I have had a productive day, I seem to be going through a season where all I seem to do is think about what needs to be done.

  2. those kcc chaps are doin badly, and there was this guy saying mbu the reason the building collapsed was coz they didn’t sacrifice a bull for the foundation, i wanted to go through the tv screen and do a bruce lee on him.

    hope yo dad enjoyed his cake, wat was for dinner??

  3. Dashboard ->Manage ->Links ->Add new

    Then from there it should get easier, i.e. develop your own categorsies for which link goes under which blogroll..

    Hola at the node six chaps if it jams..

  4. @Scotchie, I hope you’ve been able to get it together, trying to reach you via blog but it’s proving to be a trick, let me know how you’re doing.
    @The Emrys, thanks, I wonder what you make of these child-sacrifices all over the news lately, think you can bruce-lee them all?!
    @Mr & Mrs B2B, we missed you at the BHH, I hope you’re both well,
    till next time,
    easy does it

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