My week’s start…

Another week begins and I’ve got only one of 6 assignments covered. The other 5 are group assignments and the group members are the kind that make up the list, do zilch, and yet expect a free grade.
My work-out gets better by the day. Today’s triple set of 10’s abs crunches have me abuzz, I got to class in time,, listening to Regina Belle off a Walkman while I wait for the lecturer to show up.
Whilst watching tele last night, I learnt about the Freegan lifestyle where some people in New York pick food and furniture from the trash! Don’t be grossed out. These guys go through trash from hotels dumpsters, coffee shops, supermarkets….and the stuff that gets thrown out, like packs of milk a few days from their expiry date 4 days earlier, or  a pack of eggs thrown out because one was cracked…all this makes for loads of food, and these people pay an average of $10 a week on food, how cool is that?!
I’m giving it some thought, however the thought of trying to get you guys on the same thought train might attract reactions such as “Shaaa! Bandaba batya?!”
Till next time, easy does it.

About Walkonby

I'm a grown woman, in love with God. I appreciate the truth..I love with everything in me . And now to take my place in the chain, and hold it all together, unifying, healing, and glorifying Jah all the while.
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21 Responses to My week’s start…

  1. Walkman? You ain’t talking about casette tapes are you?

    30 ab crunches a day huh? That’s 29 more than me… nice.

    Regina Belle… sweet.

    And the trash thing… have you seen Ugandan kasasiro’s?

    Looks like one awesome start to a week.

  2. The Emrys says:

    reminds me of some boutiques in the US which do sales at half price at some time during the year, you find guys spending the entire night just waiting for the store to open and buy stuff almost for free.

  3. The Emrys says:

    now u have inspired me to do ab crunches, damn been procrastinating for too long

  4. walkonby says:

    Happy to be of some encouragement, and you’re right Dark Knight, Ugandan kasasiro’s are no-go area, lol

  5. Princess says:

    I seen a couple of people poking through the trash.
    ‘Tis still gross.
    Worse, actually, ‘coz I’m usually going: “Banange, those are bazungu! [even if they are black]”

  6. The Prophet says:

    I like what you have going here.

  7. phoebe says:

    walkman?! Really….

  8. DoomsDay says:

    Freegan seams an easy lifestyle I should try it out sometime.

    You still hae a Walkman? Not seen one of those for a while..

    I got you an award…check it out @

  9. Ugandan girl says:

    if you are going to go thro KCC kasasiro…honey they will think you have lost it…before you know your loved ones will be tracing your steps all the way to Butabika..

  10. spartakuss says:

    hey, never been here;at least to you dressed in pink. this post feels good. kinda like an i-got-some-last-night post. but. still good.

  11. Edsulah says:

    easy does it” i like that.

  12. Maybe I’m late to see the mag cover (I suck at mags), but … you look pretty, um, good on that Flair mag cover. Very fine, actually.😀

  13. From this here page I see that it is likely not the latest issue. Yet it is still out there, on sale. Two things I glean: that particular issue sells well, because (of course) of that ka-girl on the cover, and also that it may be an unfair standard you set, ’cause what seems to be the current issue has a chic who, had she been on another cover, would not have looked nearly as unfresh as she does on the Flair mag cover. (“Meh; I have seen better chics on this here cover.” Et cetera.)

    Easy does it.😀

  14. boyfulani. says:

    Plus put up the pics of the, er, well toned abs😛

  15. mbabazi says:

    just got here . familiarizing myself with all your it.

  16. I like the new look. Haven’t been here in a while. Easy does it, i guess.

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