Just when I thought I had it all in my stride…

I saw my ex at this new joint in town, with his madame…I wanted to leave as soon as I got there,but my girl convinced me otherwise. After one drink, I saw them leave, which kinda relaxed my urge to leave the party. I held it together until today, I’m in traffic, and it occurs to me that he’s moved on,and I’m still thinking…hurting…I broke down, tried to keep from ramming into the vehicle ahead of me as i had to repeatedly wipe the salty drizzle from my eyes…
And I don’t want to hear about, ‘time will healall wounds’ I know that for crying out loud!
I just need to find my happiness again, i need to occupy my thoughts and memory with something a lot more profound. A part of me wants to hate him, with the hope that I will feel better…I can’t do it. I know I’ve moved on, I just need to find my spring…I want to laugh again, beam with pleasure from anothers’ compliments to me, time spent with me.
And I need my Mother to cut me some slack…I don’t need the constant reminder that I’m single. And no match-making, please. I need the transition to be as natural as possible for me.
Feel free to listen, understand then pour out some words of wisdom.
Till next time, easy doe it


30 thoughts on “Just when I thought I had it all in my stride…

  1. (((((((you))))))))))

    sometimes it takes a while before the pain goes away, even when you have moved on. moving on is a whole process of emotions. like you say “easy does it”, don’t rush yourself or beat yourself up ‘for being at the same place for forever’. one day, the spring will be back in your step and the last person on your mind will be your ex.

    about your mum, pole sana. i know how irritating that is. all i can say is find a way to “kwesiba biiri and guma”. Find peace inside yourself and go there when she starts stressing about finding you “love”.

    all the best walking on by.

  2. The Maurice Kirya Experience is on tonight at Rouge. Come and have a drink on me. And no men I promise. No trying to hook you up. Also, I’ve been exactly where you are. Took me over a year. Screw time!

  3. I was really looking forward to hearing back from you my blog family, thanks.
    @Carlo,I’d have loved to come through to Rouge but from the time I’m reading this,I’m a little too late for tonight, invite me to another one,by text, real time is better šŸ™‚
    @Mr.B2B I need to rediscover how to do that on my own terms,thanks for the heads-up
    @Darlyn, I’m definitely looking forward to BHH,thanks
    @Petesmama, I sometimes wish quietly to myself…i wish i could fast-forward to that time when I’m all fine,but you’re right about me being fine,eventually

  4. Awww sweetie, ((((((((WOB)))))))) I feel your pain. Happened to me a while back. It really hurts.

    I’m even scared of saying that time rubbish but it does heal all wounds. U’ll be fine kukuyu.

    Look at Maurice Kirya…his smile will make u forget that dwanzie ASAP. It’s ok, I have given u permission to ogle my dude.

  5. didnt know you were on blogger truly pleasant surprise.you will be fine my dear God doesnot throw at you something you cannot handle.like cherie said ogle at morris kirya smile ushers chest and mr mans butt he got a hawt ass!since am late guess your better.

  6. robyn ou know walk on by? hey i have been there bu you will be okay, go through the process and its okay to pull out them claws, you heal faster

  7. hey,dont know how i landed on this right now, but i have to say its consoling knowing there’s someone else out there going thru same thing as i; and i have to say gal, it hurts. i dnt sleep a wink last night; wasted it crying over some Ex., sending him msgs he dnt reply; (only told me he had recieved them in the morning and crap), and i hated myself for it. time, knowing u can do better than him, never seems to count; all u want is him and the times with him.

    i’m nurting too and i understand where u’re at (if ure still here). in my mind, we, me and u, are holding hands and heading for the waves with determination, ready to beat all the odds to the other side.
    we can make it. we shall make it. hang in there with me dear, hang in with me.

    1. @ silverbow, thank you šŸ™‚ my 2 cents of blessing into your situation is You deserve better, take the decision to move on and you’ll be fine, I’m stronger now than i was 2months ago šŸ™‚ God’s been my friend through it all, try Him when all else fails, that’s if you don’t already have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ.
      You’re worth it

  8. WOB, i have known you for a while, and i could have sworn you were the happiest most beautiful girl i ever saw, i didnt realise you were hurting so if the outside cant tell, give it time the inside will heal as well, keep smiling until u feel the smile come from your heart, then u will know that you are healed. just give urself a good time, go out, have time for you at the salon, movies, photo studio, massage palour, book club, whatever makes u feel good, u will get over it sooner than u think.

    listne to music by jill scott, try lemar when u r feeling better, india arie- acoustic guitar stuff may work for you. and if u get to meet morris kirya, tell him he has a big fan on wordpress.lol. take care, phenomenal woman. that is what you are. holla back

  9. You know the easiest way to get over one man is to get under another,,,,,try that. It worked for me once and I have been on a roll since then.

    1. I’ll admit that it sounds easy to do all that, however my room mate ‘Conscience’ wont let me rest until I kick the habit.
      The good news is that I’ve learned some control which makes keeping away kinda doable…it’s been 3months, and a fortnight, and counting:-)
      thank you beeme šŸ™‚
      easy does it

  10. You don’t usually put out one fire by starting another one. Time does heal wounds, but the question is, “What do you do in the meantime?”

    1. Healed over nicely, nice of you to ask Rukia, I appreciate the concern. I could use the help to re-arrange the line up of posts on my blog in the order of date posted, can you help me out with that? šŸ™‚ Looking forward to spending time with you tomorrow

      1. Go to your dashboard, under “settings” menu (found on the left), click “reading”
        select the “Your Latest Posts” option under Front Page Displays, at the top of the page,
        Then hit save at the bottom of the page.

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