Taking personal responsibility (2)

Another dose of the Word to get us through the day, I hope you’re encouraged

‘Each one should use whatever gift he has received to serve others…’ 1 Peter 4:10

Each time you make a responsible decision, you become a more responsible person. Successful people don’t blame others, they take responsibility for their actions and attitudes. They show response-ability – the ability to choose a correct response no matter what situation they face. Responsibility is always a choice, and only you can make it. If being responsible hasn’t been one of your strengths, then start small. You can’t start from any place other than where you are right now. Which areas of responsibility are the toughest for you? 1) Following through; taking responsibility to finish what you start? If you’ve a tendency to quit, give yourself relatively small goals that require you to stretch. Start in areas you care about deeply, then with a few wins under your belt, begin tackling other areas. 2) Taking care of the small stuff? How often do you forget small things – that are big things to others? Like forgetting anniversaries and birthdays, not picking up the dry cleaning or taking out the rubbish, missing your child’s game or play. ‘Let your light shine…that they may see your good works and glorify your Father…’ (Matthew 5:16). 3) Stepping forward; not expecting someone else to do it for you? Most of us have a tough decision that’s waiting to be made, and we keep putting it off. What’s yours? Why aren’t you taking action? Write down the reasons, so you understand clearly what they are. Now write down the advantages of making the decision. Once you know in your heart what you should do, ask God for strength, do it, and stand by it. That’s taking personal responsibility!

How’s that left you feeling?
Till next time,
easy does it.


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