Hindrances to answered prayer(3)

‘If I regard iniquity in my heart, the Lord will not hear me.’ Psalm 66:18

The third hindrance to answered prayer is sin! Lillian Pearsall says: ‘When I was a telephone operator, a customer talked overtime on a long-distance call from a pay phone. Even with my friendly reminders, he refused to deposit his overtime coins. Instead he slammed down the phone, irate and verbally abusive. A few seconds later he was back on the line somewhat calmer. ‘Operator, please let me out of the phone booth; I’ll pay, just let me out!’ Apparently he had locked himself in and mistakenly thought that I had control over the phone booth’s doors. He gladly paid the overtime charge, and with my advice, gave the door a hefty kick and set himself free.’ Unconfessed sin locks us in and shuts God out. If we have hidden sin in our hearts, we cannot pray with confidence that God will answer. However, if we ask Him to reveal our sin, He will. When He does, we must deal with it if we want to keep the lines of communication open. If God reminds us of a situation in which we didn’t do the right thing, we can’t just sweep it under the rug; we have to acknowledge it and receive His forgiveness. What we call ‘little things,’ grow into sinful habits and lifelong patterns. So when God reveals our sin we need to repent and stop what we are doing. We need to take Him seriously – immediately! This means doing everything within our power to make sure our relationship with Him is unobstructed. That way our prayers will be heard and answered.

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3 thoughts on “Hindrances to answered prayer(3)

  1. Can I digress?

    Scenario of a man who is just getting saved. He asks the Lord to come into his life and asks Him to be his saviour. The man does not make a list of all the sins he has committed since he was born and confess each. In fact he cannot remember all of them. He simply entrusts the Lord who was slain on the cross to wipe away each sin with His blood. God deals with our sin according to His PERFECT knowledge of our sin not on our knowledge. When we approach God in this way it puts us back to where we should have left! God wants our focus on Him not on our sin. God consciousness and not sin consciousness is what will make a change.

    Of course when I sin I do not brush it off as unimportant, I tell the Lord I am sorry. However, He wants us not to focus on whether we shall sin or not or on whether we confessed our sin or not but to focus on His ability- His grace to restore us to a wonderful relationship.

    Repent means-change your mind and I agree it is important for every believer to first and foremost work on his mind.

    Anyway, it is usually us who keep ourselves far from God moving around with condemnation. God says there is therefore now no condemnation to those in Christ. So we focus on Christ and issues of sin will sort themselves out.

    1. That is so true, I couldn’t have nailed it this good. The knowledge of His grace and love for us is so overwhelming, I catch myself gasping for that elusive breath of life 🙂 don’t know how else to explain the realisation of that news…wow

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