….more wow…

I stepped out at the lunch break to drop by the salon, and on my way, behind snail-pace traffic, I lost my focus on the road while I tried to rearrange some things in the co-driver’s seat….and BAAM! I rammed into the car ahead of me, lightly,  I might add,  considering there were no dents on either car.
I chose to speak in English this whole time, which gave the young man the random thought of robbing me blind, he was asking for 100,000 Ushs to repair his car. All these problems with his car seemed to materialise out of the afternoon heat.  I insist on getting my mechanic to value the cost of the repair, to which he threatens to call the Police.
Not one to be intimidated, I urge him on, “Call the Police”, I say.

The most amazing thing happened while we waited for the cops. Remember the traffic is still moving at a snails pace. This pajero speeds a little past us(100metres) only to ram into a mercedes, which rams into….a mini pile up was what it was.

By the time the cop arrives, the pajero case is so much more serious than ours, he merely asks whether I can fix the other guy’s car, to which I respond in the affirmative, and the Police chap busts to attend to the more serious case.

To cut a long story short, I refuse to be cheated out of anything but that 500 Ushs that I paid a bodaboda that this guy sent to bring the cop, this guy realises that this lady isn’t going to budge, and he makes to leave, after asking for my phone number.
I know, after what he’s put me through, the dude wanted my number! Phat chance of that happening.

I’m grateful to God for making a way out of that situation for me, today.

till next time,
easy does it :-)|

Oh … I look like a billion bucks 🙂


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