Keep it short and sweet.

Would you lie to save your relationship? Pls specify one whose side you’re contributing, for example…

Walkonby(female) says there’s no need to lie, if the relationship is worth saving, it can handle the truth 🙂

make me proud y’all,
till next time,
easy does it:-)


10 thoughts on “Keep it short and sweet.

  1. Sometimes one tells their partner the truth, only to ease their conscience:
    “honey, that month you spent in Nairobi. I went off with a number of friends from the office for a weekend in Jinja….and….well; Sangi and I, kinda of had sex. {it wasn’t predetermined or anything. I doubt him and I will ever talk about it – it was quick. it was short. it was lustful]. I am sorry babe. I am sorry. I love you. I just had to tell you coz I COULDN’T LIVE WITH MYSELF without having you know. I’m sorry.”

    Something like that

  2. Correction (thirds!!! eish, am in bed whatabout)

    Okay Correction: Sometimes one tells one’s partner the truth not especially to save the relationship, but mainly to ease one’s conscience.

    Some truths are important but for those who tell them

    v – –

  3. eeeh, i wouldnt lie, can you imagine somebody i had lunch with yesto said it aint necesary to tell your partner all the nitty gritty truths about your past… i dont know… what you think? lol am starting another debate here!

  4. the truth shall set u free, thats all am saying.lies need other lies to ratify them so unless u r ready for the cycle of lies, dont start. holla back.

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