…December 28th/ 08

Something else!

‘…that in the coming ages he might show…his grace, expressed…to us…’ Ephesians 2:7

What you’re going through right now is important, because God is weighing it in the light of your future. God doesn’t measure us in terms of our present condition or comfort level. No, He has a far greater plan in mind. ‘God knew [us] before he made the world, and he decided that [we] would be like his Son…’ (Romans 8:29 NCV). Imagine that! One day we will be just like Jesus; doesn’t that blow your mind? ‘In the coming ages’ God is going to put us on display and say, ‘Look at My workmanship. Can you believe that I made these glorified creatures from clay? When I first scooped them off the ground they wouldn’t hold water. But I worked with them, moulded them and raised them up until they held relationships, and ministries, and concepts, and jobs. What you heard about them was true. They were a disgrace and a disaster, but My grace was sufficient. Now they will sit with Me, ruling and reigning for ever!’ When it comes to performing the impossible, Houdini and David Blaine were amateurs. Could they have parted the Red Sea, put the sun on hold for 24 hours, turned water into wine, resurrected the dead, and done it all with such style? Well, guess what? That same God is at work in your life. That’s because He plans to show you off some day. Incredible as it may sound, when God gets through with you, you’ll be ‘something else.’

…till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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