The engrafted Word (2)

‘…receive…the engrafted word…’ James 1:21
When God gives you an ‘engrafted Word,’ it will make you hunger for more of the same. But be careful; don’t go ‘cherry-picking’ the Bible for feel-good Scriptures. To grow in your faith you must discipline yourself to spend time each day in God’s Word. You don’t discover an engrafted Word all by yourself, or decide that one particular Scripture is for you and another is not. ‘All Scripture is…profitable…’ (2 Timothy 3:16 NKJV). To make a profit in business you must know your business thoroughly, otherwise you’ll soon be out of business. The way to succeed in your Christian life is to make it your business to know your Bible. Don’t just seek a Word from God, study the entire Word of God. Do you want your life to count? Saturate yourself in the Scriptures! It’s the analogy of the sperm and the egg. Neither the male sperm nor the female egg is capable of reproduction. Only when the sperm impacts and is embraced by the egg, is there conception and reproduction. And it’s the same with our spiritual growth. When God’s Word and the receptive heart get together, something is going to happen. That’s a combination that works every time! There’s nothing to beat prolonged personal exposure to the Scriptures. It’s vital. Without it you won’t be able to hear what God is saying to you. You’ll always have to depend on somebody else. Imagine dealing with your husband or wife on that basis? How long do you think your marriage would last? The same is true with God. There’s no substitute for first-hand, daily, consistent exposure to His Word.

till next time,
easy does it 🙂


8 thoughts on “The engrafted Word (2)

  1. Yes….this is God. I know for sure coz I have the habit of cherry picking but I thank Him for He is helping me read His word now, not just looking for the feel good stuff but getting down to be knowledgeable and by His grace- revelation will come.

    Yeaahh…That gives my week an umpphh!!

  2. Man, I’m a sucker for feel good scripture.

    Although the teachings at Calvary the past few weeks have been nice little right hooks at my self inflicted feel-goodness.

    Nice reality check right here.


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