…some of my own work…

I had the privilege of chatting with a friend yesterday who asked about when I would be posting some of my own stuff, and whether i ever got tired of the daily devotional. I resolved to continue posting my devotionals because this is my page and what I do with it is honestly my prerogative 🙂 i mean that in the most humble of ways.

About me, living each day like it was my last, except for today and yesterday. I met up with this guy, with whom we share a ‘butterflies-in-my-stomach’ physical history and my resolve to be true to myself and my Maker almost broke.

I was a bag of nerves around him at dinner with some of his friends last night. He’s gorgeous, amazing body, mind-blowing sense of respect for women, and yet there’s a cheeky streak to him which just has me giggling like a pubescent girl.

He likes me, I know.
I like him.
I want him, and he wants me…and I made a commitment to hold out on any sexual activity until my Maker zeros in on His choice for me, and that choice has ‘put a ring on it’. So you can imagine my frustration. A part of me readily wants to throw all caution to the wind and indulge. Another part of me is not for it, in case the rapture occurs and I’m left behind in a steamy and sweaty compromised position 🙂 I like to be on top of things, excuse the pun

My mind is made up, much as it frustrates me, when we do meet up later today, I am going to tell him about my decision not to indulge until the time when a Choice has been made, and a tiny rock has been placed on my dainty left wedding finger.

Ohh mmm mmmm mmmm!! He’s so my cup of tea, and I’m choosing not to take a gulp from it,
send out a prayer for me, wont you?

till next time,
easy does it 🙂


9 thoughts on “…some of my own work…

  1. till next time indeed!!

    you are a goner, incase….

    and yeah, avoid certain type scenarios if you want to keep the indulgence to a minimum!!

    and the Pun is totally excusable…

  2. oh my you are in a twist here…unfortunately i am not an expert in giving advice in these kind of situations as i would be the type who would encourage you to throw caution to the wind but then i have a healthy respect for those who choose to wear the chastity belt(of course unless in my line of assault)…and so i say….fight the good fight, keep the faith, run the race…

  3. OOOOOOOH girl you in twubble! Thank the Maker I have my ring…FREEDOM! I feel for you tho. I said a short prayer. It will be easier after you tell him. The words make your commitment real. Law of attraction mojo. If he’s as respectful as you say, then atleast you’ll only have 2 deal with you pressuring you and not him. You rock and whoever puts that ring on yo finger is gonna be blown away. God bless

    1. I’m stubborn like that, unless he wants me enough to choose to make me the official girl, i’ll busy myself with other activities and hope that the crush fizzles out and he’d never know and I’d not have put myself through the heartache of having blurted out what I feel and been turned down. Old fashioned is the word. It sucks being in this ‘place and time’
      Kinda has me wishing I could fastforward to after he’s left and months maybe even years ahead, I can look back on this last-couple-of-days as a mere figment of my memory.

  4. and thank you all for the prayers…we didn’t meet up yesterday as I’d hoped, and I was gutted… but the brave part of me was quick to let him know that it’s okay, he should take his time, blah blah blah….
    I am kicking myself for not telling him that I’d gladly come through and help him cook (apparently he was supposed to be cooking for his family yesterday evening) ; tell him that I’d just like to watch him speak, even if it’s not with me, but hey, so much for being miss. i-dont-want-to-seem-desperate.
    I think it’s BS, but I’m the one wringing my hands, and you’re just reading this, with a smile on the corner of your mouth, shaking your head and thinking…hmmm?!
    ….till next time,
    easy does it 🙂

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