…and the hooded guest paid our home a visit…

…news of how a car run over her came through the phone yesterday evening, Dad’s voice audibly broken with the revelation and responsibility of relaying the sad news…

I was driven home immediately(thank you Rugaju), crept up to where she lay, between labored breaths…she tried to reassure me, her eyes seemed to say ‘it’ll be okay’.
But I was not convinced, up in my arms she went…and like a bullion driver, whisked her off to the vet.

A short moment of relief as I watched her pace up and down the mini length of the vet’s waiting room(his instructions…wanting to establish that nothing was broken).
She looked convincing,she looked fine but in pain, she looked like she’d be up and running all over the house, despite the gasps of audibly pained breaths.
A quick body frisking occurred and the vet conclude that she’d be fine, and that soft tissue injuries were all she’d sustained. I should have asked about the hemorrhaging, I should have…

News about her having passed came through the phone today, 10: 16am

I miss you Gigi, I loved you even more 🙂
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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