Control your anger (1)

‘In your anger do not sin…’ Ephesians 4:26

In the era when commuters routinely travelled by train, a businessman en route to an important meeting asked a porter to make sure he got off the train at 5:00 a.m. Imagine how he felt when he woke at 9:00 the next morning, miles past his destination. Furiously he ripped into the porter, and he didn’t mince words! ‘That’s one angry man,’ remarked a passenger who overheard the tirade. ‘If you think he was angry,’ said the porter, ‘you should’ve seen the guy I put off the train at 5:00 this morning!’ We smile, but as Dr James Comer of Yale Medical School observes, ‘We have a sense the world’s closing in on us, that there are too many people around, that we’re getting ripped off. We feel powerless about our problems and we explode in frustration.’ Paul says: ‘If you are angry, be sure that it is not out of…bad temper…don’t give the devil that sort of foothold’ (Phillips). Does that mean it’s always bad to get mad? No, Paul is making the point that misdirected anger opens the door to the enemy. In the temple, Jesus showed us there’s a place for righteous anger over injustice and exploitation. But much of the time we’re angry because we think people don’t appreciate us, or take advantage of us, or don’t give us what we deserve. Again Paul writes: ‘Get rid of all…anger…forgiving each other…as…God forgave you’ (Ephesians 4:31-32 NIV). But even the best advice in the world is useless unless you do something with it. So if you’re inclined to be hot-tempered, start your day by asking God to help you act in ways that honour Him.

I smiled to myself the first time I read this, I’m smiling again as I await to hear what you have to say about it, or laugh even harder when nothing is said 🙂
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Control your anger (1)

    1. I’m just rolling over at the vivid description of events that most people can relate to, and their reluctance to admit to it. However when it comes down to Antipop, yours is a refreshing ability to ‘stand-in-the-middle-of-the-road-without-a-STOP-sign’ and still stop traffic, if that makes sense 🙂
      easy does it

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