Mind the checks

‘…after the fire came a gentle whisper.’ 1 Kings 19:12

A respected author writes: ‘I was driving a safe distance behind the car in front when the driver slammed on his brakes. I stopped short, but the car behind was too close and rammed into my Jeep. There was no real damage, but as I drove off something about the incident nagged at me. Weeks later I was on a fast-moving highway. Behind me was a huge truck loaded with cars…in front were several cars…and up ahead, a school bus. Suddenly I noticed the brake lights from the cars ahead. The bus had stopped to let a child off. I pulled to a stop behind the car in front; then I remembered the lesson from the accident earlier. Sometimes I can stop safely, but the driver behind me can’t. When I looked in my rear view mirror the truck loaded with cars was frantically trying to stop. I pulled over, giving him an extra car length, and he screeched to a stop, right behind the car ahead of me. If I hadn’t listened we’d all have piled up.’ A new Christian was asked the secret to her spiritual growth. Her response was, ‘Mind the checks.’ One reason we don’t understand God better is because we don’t heed His gentle ‘checks.’ The Bible says: ‘…after the fire came a gentle whisper.’ Learn to listen for it. When you’re about to speak and you feel a gentle restraint, say nothing. When you’re about to go down a certain path and you sense a red light, or a different path opening up, pay attention, even when God asks you to move in the dark. Wherever His finger points, His hand will clear the way.

Is this speaking to anyone? It is…to me 🙂
till next time,
easy does it


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