Are you neglecting your loved ones?

‘…live a life of love…’ Ephesians 5:2

The great Scottish essayist and historian Thomas Carlyle married his secretary, Jane Welsh. She continued to work for him but when she got ill, Carlyle, who was deeply devoted to his work, didn’t seem to notice, so he allowed her to keep working. But she had cancer and eventually she was confined to bed. Although Carlyle truly loved her, he found that he didn’t have much time to stay with her or much attention to give to her. Then she died. After the funeral Carlyle went up to Jane’s room, noticed her diary lying on the table, picked it up and began to read. On one entire page she’d written a single line: ‘Yesterday he spent an hour with me and it was like heaven: I love him so much.’ A reality he had somehow been too blind to see now revealed itself with crushing clarity. He’d been too busy to notice how much he meant to Jane. He thought of all the times he’d been preoccupied with his work and simply failed to notice her. He hadn’t seen her suffering. He hadn’t seen her love. Turning to the next page, he read words he’d never forget: ‘I’ve listened all day to hear his steps in the hall, but now it’s late and I guess he won’t come today.’ He put her diary back on the table and ran out of the house. Friends found him at the side of her grave, covered with mud. His eyes were red from weeping; tears were rolling down his face. ‘If only I’d known, if only I’d known,’ he cried. After Jane’s death, Carlyle made little attempt to write again. Are you neglecting your loved ones?

It’s been a mellow weekend, this past couple of days, didn’t get the opportunity to post much, stayed in, lit up a charcoal stove, it’d been such a while since I last worked one, the nostalgia, lol, and sooty fingers and feet….kinda had me in the bath for longer than the usual couple of minutes 🙂
I’m learning to work patiently with Mom, she knows she has all the answers to life, and we disagree from time to time….for instance, when I’d rather bide my time and watch a situation unravel…she’d rather we pushed ‘things’  until the desired outcome is achieved. That doesn’t in any way diminish the love I have for her.
If my family ever comes across this blog…I love you
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


5 thoughts on “Are you neglecting your loved ones?

  1. I read this in my word for today and I liked it. I wanted to send it to a friend but being with the malo I have I did not know how. So I directed them here coz I knew you would have it up. Loved this.

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