Dealing with disappointment (1)

‘…Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him…’ 1 Samuel 3:19

Welcome to life; disappointment guaranteed! Webster defines disappointment as, ‘When expectations fail to be met, producing anger, frustration, sadness and discouragement.’ Here are some examples to help you when:

1) You’re disappointed with those you look up to. Think of Samuel and Eli (1 Samuel 1-4). Samuel’s mother entrusted her child to Eli the High Priest, confident he’d mentor and prepare him for God’s service. But Eli had a serious character flaw. He was a weak, passive parent who stood by while his sons abused their priestly privilege, bringing shame and disrepute to the ministry. Who’d have blamed young Samuel for taking a nose dive when the man he looked up to failed so badly? But no, he fielded his disappointment and kept his eyes on God: ‘Samuel grew, and the Lord was with him.’ As a result God turned him into one of Israel’s greatest prophets. So keep your eyes on the Lord.

2) You’re disappointed in those you live with. If anyone wouldn’t let you down, surely it would be your family. Right? Wrong! Ask young Joseph. When God promised him a big promotion he thought his brothers would celebrate. Instead they responded with jealousy, ridicule and resentment, selling him into slavery. Far from friends and home he languished in prison for a crime he didn’t commit. What an invitation to bitterness, to rehearsing the wrongs done him while plotting his revenge. But if he’d done that he’d have died an unknown convict in a foreign jail. Instead he allowed God to vindicate him, using his circumstances to position, prepare and promote him to being Egypt’s Prime Minister: and that’s how you deal with disappointment.

Cheers to you all that are nodding to this,
have a splendid week,
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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