Dealing with disappointment (3)

‘But we have this treasure in earthen vessels.’ 2 Corinthians 4:7

Finally there’s: Disappointment in ourselves. It’s potentially the most debilitating kind of disappointment because it can throw you into a downward spiral that’s hard to stop or recover from. Peter had sworn undying love and fidelity to Jesus. ‘Lord, everybody else may abandon you, but not me! I’m yours till death’ (Matthew 26:33-35 para), and he meant every word of it. But under the pressures surrounding the crucifixion he yields, and three times denies knowing Jesus. Later, remembering Jesus’ words, ‘”Before the rooster crows…you will deny me three times”‘ Peter, heartbroken by his own dismal failure, ‘…went outside and wept bitterly’ (Luke 22:62 NIV). Ever asked, ‘God, how can you possibly use someone as messed up as me?’ Peter failed to meet his own expectations and went on a downer. But Jesus wasn’t shocked. He was well aware of Peter’s flaws when he called him into the ministry. He also knew that his blustering, outspoken disciple had a tender heart, so He extended grace to him rather than remove him from office. When Christ gave post-resurrection orders to ‘…tell his disciples and Peter…’ (Mark 16:7 NIV) to meet Him in Galilee, He reaffirmed His choice of the failed disciple. The rest of Peter’s story is New Testament history. When (not if!) you confront failure: a) don’t add insult to injury by letting disappointment mire you in hopelessness and despair b) humble yourself and repent. Confess your sin; don’t excuse, rationalise or blame circumstances and people c) receive God’s grace and forgiveness by faith, not by feelings. Don’t let Satan convince you your case is beyond grace d) get whatever help you need to get back on track; sooner, not later.

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3 thoughts on “Dealing with disappointment (3)

  1. It has given me thoughts to consider about disappointing oneself. I had so much confidence in my love for Christ also. Oh how I have struggled and still have not regained what I once had.
    I believe some day Jesus and I will be one again,yet in a stronger way.

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