I attended the Maurice Kirya experience last night with company that had not a hint of chivalry in them which is why I won’t be hanging out with them for some time, the only gentlemanly thing done for me yesterday…was by a handsome lad, that got his buddy to make room for me to pass on my way to where I stood most of the evening.
He did it with such finesse…that it’s the most profound memory I have of the experience, apart from the instruments, and vocals(these were amazing, albeit they kept saying they didn’t know the lyrics to some particular song)
I remember looking up at him, meeting his gaze for a second, shyly, and breathing a grateful ‘thank you’ to him…I could feel his gaze follow me, a warm feeling I might add 🙂

So despite having a sh***y date (the other guy with whom I attended the Experience, picked me up from my parents house, made an elaborate effort of greeting them, and getting my Mom all excited at the prospect of me having finally found a boyfriend, drove carelessly to the Rouge, sat himself at one of the speakers – totally paying no attention to the lady standing beside him{read Me}, and I stood all through the most part of the show, only happily going to the girls room for a cancer break, or a touch up of make-up, upon my return, was when he started to feign some kind of attention for me….TOO LATE, I”M NOT INTERESTED ANYMORE, all the way to the end of the show and until the house. If I don’t see him ever again, that will be too soon.) that one gesture from that other lad, made my night and to Him, I’m grateful for being a gentleman.

So hopefully the next time you(gentleman) decide to take your girl out, pay her some attention, it’s the little things that make a world of difference, I would know.
…till next time,
easy does it 🙂


16 thoughts on “…sigh…

  1. Gosh!! I missed the experience!! Was so tired.
    Did you get the gentleman’s number? Nah? You should have lassy, entitled to some comfort after a Sh$%ty date!!

    1. @lIZ, no…didn’t get the lad’s number, too shy for it, plus I kinda like it when the guy asks for the number, not the other way around

  2. lol…He might be more disappointed, may be it’s he’s style of showing affection oba he wanted you to sit on his lap. I refuse to accept that you got no attention

  3. might i argue that any guy who picks you from your parents’ house is not going to o further than do the bare minimum to get through the evening. if he is the parent kind, then he is not the Maurice Kirya experience type. the faux-pas was your

    1. @spartakuss…my mistake, you bet I’ve learnt my lesson, never holler at this particular chap ever again. I have the hope that the one guy for me, wont be hampered by a visit to my folks place so much so he won’t want to do more for me…call me idealist, but the choice is mine, and I’m not settling.

    1. @Lulu, initially I was bothered by my date’s ability to effortlessly not give a rat’s *** about me, but after that loo trip and the lad that created way amongst a wall of his buddies…well, then I got into the feel of the experience.
      I think next time, I will keep it simple, show up for the experience solo and on my terms.

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