…double sigh…

I’m a somewhat of a happy camper, smiling cheekily at this new rapport I got into with one radio personality that works for a totally different (border-wise) media house…I got him to speak to me through his music and he made my day, might I add that he sounds amazing.

That should keep me occupied for a while. Dude from the poor excuse of a date just sent me a txt msg informing me about how he’s enjoying his business trip destination, and how he hopes I’m well! Yeah right, whatever!

Jobo will be paying out salaries tomorrow, between poverty and I right now is an amazing 3,000 shillings. I’m holding onto the hope (and faith) that the side jobs I’ve done this past month or so will call me up and pay me, today. And is it a trying period, or is it?! I still have to get home and “gye nsula, walaa”.

So until something happens, I’ll spend time at this PC,saying a prayer or more,  trying not to think about the hungry knot in my tummy. If it’s any consolation, I’m looking amazing at work today, fitted dress, heels, and an item of clothing that makes Pam wish she’d never had any work done on hers. I’m enjoying the attention around me (from the guys and girls),

till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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