…you really want to hear my own thoughts,don’t you?!

I am not one to brag…I’ve come to learn that this life we live is a gift to be shared with the ones we call family, and those that care to know a bit about us. I have over the past couple of days done a bit of thinking and living. We meet very many people along the way and treat them is a reflection of who we are. I’m past the point we all call ‘Center Stage’ making the background a nice spot for me lately.

There is no Mr. WalkOnBY in my picture at the moment. I know he is there somewhere, I’m yet to meet him. I catch myself playing out dialogue between him and I …does he lok half as good as I picture him to be? Is he the gentleman that I hope he is? Would he drop what he’s doing to make a call to me just to say he was thinking about me? Does he have a toothy smile and the humour to match? Does he want children of his own? Does he have a personal relationship with Jesus Christ? Would be nice to delve into the Word together. Would he want to spend the rest of his life with me? …Those are some of the things I think about whenI’m by myself…it does bring a smile to my face…often drawing the attention of people around me, who express the curiosity at my cheeky smile ๐Ÿ™‚ Often times, I merely say, I was thinking to myself, and this usually puts a premature stop to the barge of questions, tee hee hee.

Work is amazing, save for the fact that some of my colleagues have mastered the art of taking the mickey out of everything. Then again, it’s nothing I canot handle. The notes I read and post make it so much easier to deal with and for that I’m grateful. You need to teach me how to make widgets of themas opposed to posting them on my wall. Any volunteers?! ๐Ÿ™‚

My relationship with family gets deeper with every passing day. School work is getting along fine, I fancy the idea of wearing one of those grad gowns and cap when the time comes.

I’ve been training for a triathlon scheduled for sunday this week. I wind my day down with a couple of hours in the gym. The circuit is such that the participants in the triathlon will swim a kilometer, then cycle another 30km, and wind it all up with a 10km run. Most of the people I’ve spoken to have nothing but doubts as to whether I’ll amke it,ย  and in all honesty, that’s their problem. I’m mentally and physically psyched. Plus I’m the one that will be engaging in this physically draining experience and everything in me, tells me that I’ll do a good job of it. There, I’ve said it. Sue me ๐Ÿ™‚

I have an event that I’ll be MC-ing at this friday. Aside from the detail of high profile guests thatย  I’ll be addressing is the amazing dress and pair ofย  heels that I’ll be wearing for the evening. They had better get comfortable, sit back, relax and have a superb evening with us.

Earlier this week, I found myself caught up ina riotous crowd of university students who were chanting campaign slogans and bearing in mind that they aren’t too inclined to this curent government, me riding in an H4DF vehicle complicated matters even more. The hands and sticks banging on the body of the car were enough to get anyone’s pulse racing. Thankfully the driver of that car backed up quickly and we made a speedy get-away from that scene of imminent disaster, we got home okay, and I profusely thanked God for making that possible.

I’m a little exhausted after my workout this evening, I’ll love you and leave you. I’m hoping this made for good reading. I hope to hear from you soon,
take care and God bless you.
To the Mr. WalkOnBy that might be reading this, I look forward to meeting you one of these days, hopefully sooner than later ๐Ÿ™‚

…till next time,
easy does it.
Have a beautiful night


7 thoughts on “…you really want to hear my own thoughts,don’t you?!

  1. I get a sixth sense about you and everything about you.

    A wee bit of advice Walkonby, only when you live life true to yourself will you be at peace with yourself. I don’t want to judge but aren’t you living a double life? What’s with the religious theme? Ironic coming from you! Some soul searching would help.

    Witchcraft and Christianity do NOT mix! So whats with dropping a biblical verse here and there? Preach to yourself and find God. If you have, then repent your sins. You seem to know your bible well but whether you understand? Another story.

    What doesn’t kill you, only makes you stronger!

    Your ways of WITCHCRAFT will be you and those you practice with will be your downfall. REPENT and stop living a lie.

    We might read your blog and think how sweet and nice a girl like you. REPENT before you drag more down with you and your family.

    Good Samaritan

    1. Always is amazing hearing from peolpe that subscribe to this understanding. The beauty about it is I choose not to indulge your negativity ‘Good Samaritan’ .
      All you have is a sixth sense about me. You DO NOT know me, and don’t step up to me trying to psycho analyse me or the ones I care about. You have no right telling me what I do with my blog.
      I have nothing to hide, and my personal relationship with Jesus Christ is just that, my personal relationship.
      I do not appreciate the tone you’ve taken with me, you’re out of line.
      Enough said,
      till next time,
      easy does it ๐Ÿ™‚

  2. You are right Walkonby, I don’t know you!

    Apologies if you are offended, but may be it is because the truth may sometimes hurt.

    Don’t shoot the messenger!

    A personal relationship with Jesus Christ is good and great on its own.

    NOT with a personal relationship with witchdoctors, oracles, mediums, chrams and small gods.

    Evil lives near and around you!

    If this advise means nothing to you personally, then treat me as an asylum case.

    Repent and Pray

    Good Samaritan

    **** Evil enters like a needle and spreads like a oak tree ****

  3. hey Hon,
    I recently subscribed to great podcast, not sure if you have already heard them but i’d love to share them with you…

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