….don’t sweat the small things…

I participated in the triathlon today and must say the feeling is a good one.
That there(my post title) is my stand for the week and whenever else I’ll need to use it.
I was set up on a ‘not-so-blind’ date last friday and needless to say, that didn’t play out as I’d have wanted. I begin to imagine my buddies wanted to have a laugh just from the expression on my face after meeting their choice of a date for me. Not funny guys

With that said, I look forward to the time when I can take a firm stand when it comes to friends that think they’re doing me a favour by pointing out something with the sole intention of looking good, at my expense. Don’t get me wrong, I wont gag them, however by virtue of the fact that I don’t agree with the ones closest to me, doesn’t mean I wont defend them to the death.

So, bring it on.
Till next time,
easy does it,
Don’t sweat the petty things….Pet the sweaty ones, tee hee hee


5 thoughts on “….don’t sweat the small things…

  1. Well done for the triathalon! I am in awe of you, seeing as how a five minute walk down my street takes the life out of me.

    “Pet the sweaty ones …” Eww.

  2. by virtue of the fact that ….I just found that funny..
    Congs about the tria thingie – saw you in the papers before that day…One word for you: PROPS!

  3. yea. i saw all that hype they gave u in the papers post triathlon and i went green wit envy. I cant swim to save my life. I cant ride a bicycle, and i do not remember the last time i raced anywhere! Good job. I aint petting no sweaty anybodys!

    1. Thank you antipop, Mr. B2B, therisingpage and tumwijuke…I am chuffed just hearing from you.
      I’d gladly teach anyone of you how to do any one of the 3disciplines if and when you put your mind to it.
      I’m rearing to go…and no, we don’t have to pet no sweaty things, lol

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