What will your legacy be?

‘He did what was right…’ 2 Kings 22:2
Josiah’s grandfather, Manasseh, was a violent king who ‘…shed so much innocent blood that he filled Jerusalem from end to end …’ (2 Kings 21:16 NIV). His father, King Amon, died at the hands of his own officers. ‘He did what God said was wrong,’ reads his epitaph. Josiah was only eight when he ascended the throne. Immediately he chose righteousness, and didn’t stop doing what was right all his life (2 Kings 22:2). What’s the point? We can’t pick our parents, but we can pick our role-models. When Josiah was rebuilding the temple he discovered a scroll containing God’s law. As he read it he wept, realising his people had drifted far from God. So he sent word to a prophetess and asked, ‘What will become of our people?’ She told Josiah that since he had repented when he heard God’s Word, his nation would be spared (2 Chronicles 34:14-27). Wow! An entire generation received grace because of the integrity of one man. So, you can rise above your past and make a difference. Your parents may have given you your DNA, but God can give you a new birth and a new beginning. ‘Be imitators of God, therefore, as dearly loved children’ (Ephesians 5:1 NIV). Just like Josiah, you cannot control the way your forefathers responded to God, but you can control the way you respond to Him. Your past does not have to be your prison; you have a say in your life, you have a voice in your destiny, you have a choice in the path you take. Choose well and some day – generations from now – others will thank God for the legacy you left.

When I read this yesterday, a part of me should have known that the powers that be were going to test and trip me. So this scenario begins to unravel…I pose a question that needed a simple answer and this colleague from the office chooses to spin it around in such a way that I have to take a firm verbal stand with them (notice, the tone was just as firm). When this was done, this colleague takes the piss and pushes me, verbally, to the brink of wanting to swing a left, if only to qwell my rising temper.

Put the popcorn away….lol. Nothing happened. I was the bigger person, which was why I walked out of the room and out of the possible ‘scene’ . Mom called at about the same time, I poured out everything to her, she’s such an encouragement.

I couldn’t help but question…why do some ‘bozzows’  have to take their pleasure/security from poking at and infuriating others? And don’t give me that old age adage that we’re human, it’s in our DNA. We’re also spiritual beings! Whatever happened to taking control of those negative and potentially hurtful vibes that bubble up inside us, causing us to harm other people?

The day turned around for the better…I got me a foot massage, met up with some amazing people, had my ‘Cinderella’ moment on the floor in the arms of a very gentle dancer-sir. Can’t complain.
I choose to rise above all them petty vibes that are making their rounds in the office and everywhere else. I’m strong for it. Bite me!
PS.I wish you a beautiful day, and know that I care about you. God bless you


loose the chains of injustice
      and untie the cords of the yoke,
set the oppressed free
      and break every yoke…

….almost forgot, this post goes on…lol

Don’t be a hypocrite

‘…do not be like the hypocrites…’ Matthew 6:5
Hypocrite. Have you ever called anyone that? Do you know what it actually means? The word came from a city built by Herod the Great when Jesus was just a wee boy, which had a huge outdoor theatre. The actors who performed there wore masks for each character, and were called ‘hypokrites’. So ‘hypocrite’ basically means to wear a mask to impress or deceive other people. Jesus was the only person in the New Testament who used the word ‘hypocrite’, and he used it to refer to three specific things; giving, praying and judging. Matthew 6:2 basically says: don’t tell the whole world when you give someone something, just to make yourself look good. Matthew 6:6 tells you that when you pray, it should be between you and God; not done to show off to others. Remember prayer is a conversation between you and God; you wouldn’t shout out all your other conversations in life, would you? Finally, Matthew 7:2-5 reminds us that if you make a big deal out of judging others, it’ll come back to bite you on the bum! You’re not perfect, but don’t try and make yourself look better by picking on other people’s faults. So the word for you today is, don’t be a hypocrite. Be real in your giving, praying and judging. Don’t wear a mask to impress or deceive those around you; let them, and God, see the real you.
….tee heee hee hee, ironic, huh?!
oh well,
till next time,
easy does it 🙂

3 thoughts on “What will your legacy be?

  1. I totally believe that my past shouldn’t define my present. I’ve been thinking a lot about this in regards to Moses, Aaron and the Israelites.

    God can use our past failures to teach us valuable lessons and lift us higher for the future.

  2. T’was me..i’d have glocked him with a right in the stomach then a left on the jaw..knowin me Ivy it wud have happened in my head although i wud have been squaring right in their face..forehead to foreahead..

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