Be a ‘builder-upper!’ (1)

‘Do not withhold good from those to whom it is due…’ Proverbs 3:27

During the 1920’s, the Chisholms were the epitome of American high society. Everlina, their housekeeper, had been with them for 45 years, and when her niece came over to play they took the little girl under their wing. She sang beautifully and Mrs Chisholm, a trained musician, asked if she’d like to become a professional singer. She was thrilled! Her most prized possessions were recordings of famous opera singers, and when the Metropolitan was on the radio she was spellbound. That day she took the first step towards realising her dream, and guests of the Chisholms were amazed by the girl who sang the classics with a talent and sensitivity far beyond her years. Elizabeth Chisholm continued to sponsor her education by sending her to study at Juilliard. And as a result, the world was introduced to the phenomenal talent of Leontyne Price, the darling of the Metropolitan Opera. The Bible says, ‘Do not withhold good…when it is in the power of your hand to do so.’ Bible expositor William Barclay said, ‘One of the highest human duties is the duty of encouragement.’ As a follower of Christ you are commanded to build others up by highlighting what’s good instead of magnifying what’s bad, by seeing them as unique individuals instead of stereotypes, by respecting instead of ridiculing, by forgiving instead of shaming, by modelling unconditional love instead of love with strings attached, by applauding each step of growth instead of saying, ‘You’ll never change,’ by seeing their God-given potential instead of seeing them as problems to be handled. Come on, get your theology off the drawing board and put it into practice! Today, be a ‘builder-upper.’

I have been a little impatient with someone I work with….repeatedly snapping at them for not crossing their T’s and dotting their I’s
I need to stop, problem with that is that I will slip into a non-chalant mode and totally not give a rat’s *** what they do or do not do.
I need to find the ‘love’ again

I reported a busted communial gadget to the concerned people, only to have my head bitten off (taking one for the team, huh?! )
The fruit lady was timely with her fruit delivery for me, it cheered me up after all the aforementined drama.

Has anyone been to the new shopping complex? What do you make of the clothing  called Mr. something?
I can almost see the steam bursting outta a few people’s ears…feuding cats sytle.

Just finished with registration at uni, got class at 6pm, I fancy a cold drink after the last lecture…a massage would be nice….and yet, I could sip on a cup of hot coco as I delve into the Word…tunalabire’eyo
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


3 thoughts on “Be a ‘builder-upper!’ (1)

  1. tunalabire’eyo indeed…haven’t been there yet.Haven’t gotten enuf impetus…who m i kidding?that place is js so outta the way 4 me…

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