What are you called to do? (1)

‘You are the salt of the earth…’ Matthew 5:13

Sometimes what a person contributes doesn’t get noticed until they’re no longer around to do it. The story’s told of the husband who came home from work to find his house in a complete mess. The baby was crying, there were dishes piled up in the sink and dirty laundry on the floor. The TV was blaring, beds weren’t made, carpets weren’t vacuumed and dinner wasn’t ready. When he demanded to know what was up, his wife said, ‘You know how you always ask what I’ve been doing all day? Well, today I didn’t do it.’ The Bible says, ‘…Each one should retain the place in life …to which God has called him…’ (1Corinthians 7:17 NIV). This doesn’t mean that we should not aspire to greater things. It just means that if we can’t start here where we are, we can’t start at all. One day Jesus healed a demon-possessed man who’d spent years separated from his family. After being set free, the man wanted to travel with Jesus. But Jesus said, ‘…No, go back home and tell them what the Lord has done for you…’ (Luke 8:39). In other words, start where you are, use what you’ve got, and do what you can. The Bible says: ‘You are the salt of the earth.’ Salt doesn’t exist for its own pleasure. It must be poured into something bigger than itself; only then does it fulfil its purpose. But be careful, don’t be ego-driven. The quest for significance can be misleading. You can’t do it by yourself for yourself, you must do it with God and for His purposes; then God will bless you!

And to think that I had just had a wee burst up with some guy at work over his failure to do his job and yet felt the need to get in my space and time on the radio show, totally disorganising my flow and then swanttering off like he had made his mark….*&&^%# yes I came that close to saying somethings I wouldn’t be too proud of.

Was anticipating a quiet mellow evening with Mr. Gentleman, only to have him cancel with the reason that he’d be working late. I’m gutted and wasn’t holding my breath…I lie, I was gasping in anticipation waiting on his response when  I asked whether we were still meeting up…remember? Anticipation?!

I’ve since calm down…a part of me feels like stuffing my face with fries, or is it ice cream? Can’t decide… I know for a fact that the way I feel isn’t where I want to be. And the amusing thing is that, much as I’m an emotional being, I’m primarily spirit and flesh…which is agonising when the physical seems to dictate how one ‘feels’

…I’ll be alright,
you better be having a better time than i am, because you deserve it,
go get them,
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


3 thoughts on “What are you called to do? (1)

  1. I need a lot of reminding about that “salt” thing. Thank you.

    Tel Mr. Gentleman that working late on date night is not an option. On second thoughts, tell him nothing. We don’t really need him to have a good time, do we?

    Sometimes I hate the feeling of dependency that a relationship brings.

    In more important news, how is your puppy?

  2. thank you for this… being reminded about being the salt of the earth…

    petesmama is right, he is not the only one you can have fun with…

  3. tootaaally felt Yv…
    i hope you are as feeling a lot better after some chap is caught in a rock and a lousy place…
    He deinitely needs to Make Up for it!!

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