What are you called to do? (3)

‘You are the salt of the earth…’ Matthew 5:13

Observe: 1) Your calling is often connected to what troubles you deeply. For Moses it was the oppression of his people. So God used that, and called Moses to lead his people to freedom. For William Wilberforce it was slavery. He devoted his entire life to seeing it eradicated in England, which it finally was shortly before his death. For Dr Martin Luther King, Jr, it was the injustice of a society that enslaved and oppressed African-Americans. So he dreamed and he preached and he marched and he organised and he boycotted, and the Civil Rights Movement was galvanised. If you want to discover your calling, begin praying about what troubles you deeply. Usually we try to avoid unpleasantness, but if you have a sense that your calling involves helping the poor, spend time around those in poverty. Allow your heart to be moved, carry within you the conviction that things must change, and keep praying, ‘Lord, make me a change agent.’ 2) Your calling means God believes in you. When Jesus called His disciples they didn’t look like winners. Generally, in their day if someone was going to be the follower of a rabbi it happened much earlier. Plus, rabbis didn’t recruit, they took applications. But not Jesus. He picked a doctor, a tax collector and fishermen and said, ‘I believe in you. What I know I will teach you.’ He promised, ‘…He who believes in Me, the works that I do he will do also…’ (John 14:12 NKJV). No wonder they left their nets! Jesus empowered His followers to go out to live as He lived. Today, that’s what He is calling you to do.
http://www.ucb.co.uk/index.cfm?itemid=88&testdate=28 May 2009

I have the flu…I worked aloone on the show today, did feel rather lonely, kinda says something about the light in which I see my co-host. With that said, I need to find my on-air mojo back…suggestions are welcome,
that aside, I am unable to comment to posts made on my blog, is wordpress losing it? I have a lot to say to what’s been said on my wall…sorry…my blog
till next time,
easy does it 🙂

Not sure I’ll make it for the happy hour tonight, I’m a little under the weather, but we could have a txt msg war…yes I’m back on air, so txt me during BHH and let’s all have a bl-all, tee hee hee


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