‘Above and beyond’

‘If someone forces you to go one mile, go…two…’ Matthew 5:41

In Roman times soldiers could make Jewish citizens carry their gear for a mile. But Jesus says: ‘”If someone forces you to go one mile, go…two.”‘ Max Lucado writes: ‘We’ve a second-mile servant in our church. By profession he’s an architect; by passion, a servant. Prior to each worship service he does his rounds through the men’s restrooms…wipes sinks, cleans mirrors, checks toilets and picks up paper. He tells no one and requests nothing in return…Let me tell you how to spot [second-milers]. They don’t wear badges or uniforms; they wear smiles. They’ve discovered …joy in the extra effort…satisfaction in helping others…that the real reward rests at the base of the second mile-post… Why? Liberation! They’ve passed from slave to volunteer. When Mary anointed Jesus’ feet, one-milers like Judas criticised the deed as wasteful. Not Jesus. He received the gesture as a demonstration of love, a friend surrendering her most treasured gift. There’s an elderly man in your community who just lost his wife. An hour of your time would mean the world to him. Some kids in your city have no dad to take them to the cinema or football games. Maybe you can. They can’t pay you back but they’ll smile like a cheshire cat at your kindness. How about this one? Down the landing is a person who shares your last name. Shock them with kindness…your homework done with no complaints…coffee served when they awake…a love letter written for no special reason. Alabaster poured out ‘just because.’ Jesus chose the servants’ quarters. Can’t we?’ John Gardner said, ‘When people are serving, life is no longer meaningless.’ You’re not called to ‘get by,’ you’re called to go ‘above and beyond.’

To all you two-mile-rs’ nice knowing you,
look out for an invitation to my home, for an evening out, to make up for passing up BHH
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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