Parents to be…(2)

The way that’s best for your child (2)

‘Train up a child in the way he should go…’ Proverbs 22:6

You say, ‘She’s such an obedient child, but her brother breaks every rule!’ Or, ‘Our first child’s so organised; our second’s a disaster area!’ Children are created unique. Dealing with that reality is a parent’s great challenge. Look at God’s directives in Proverbs 22:6. 1) ‘Train up a child.’ Thoughtful, loving, productive, happy children don’t just evolve – they’re trained. Our latchkey generation has proved ‘…A child left to himself disgraces his [parents]’ (Proverbs 29:15 NIV). Wise parents choose their child’s direction, then maintain it by positive reinforcement and consistent discipline. They mould their child’s attitude and behaviour in line with God’s Word. Solomon’s reference to a child in this Scripture indicates a pre-teen who can still be moulded. If you miss those early training years your job’s tough, but with God’s help, not impossible. 2) ‘In the way he should go.’ Ever hear of ‘cross-grain parenting’? It’s trying to make your child something they’re not meant to be. Forcing square pegs into round holes invites rebellion in spirited kids and creativity-destroying conformity in compliant ones. This Scripture in The Amplified Bible advocates training a child, ‘In the way… [In keeping with his individual gift or bent].’ Study your child’s gifts, then direct them accordingly. Putting square pegs into square holes reduces resistance, invites cooperation and recognises your child’s God-ordained destiny. When it’s their path, not yours, they’ll commit to it. 3) ‘When he is old he will not depart from it.’ When they’re in the place God designed them for, nobody needs to manipulate, control or threaten them. They’re invested, creative, challenged, fulfilled and happy to grow up in the square hole God shaped for them!

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