Am I that forgetable?

I just got off the phone with a good friend of mine and I was recounting to  him how it’s dawned on me that my invitation cards to  most of the weddings that have taken place, got lost on their way to me (tongue in cheek) or could it be that I’m that forgetable?!

I have to hold my breath there at the prospective responses to that last question, and feel free to be brutally honest about it 😀

I resumed Cell yesterday, it was special, called to mind that the discipline of consistency in whatever we do, is learnt…it takes practice….looking forward to the next wednesday.

The radio show went well, there’s still room for improvement, isn’t there always.

And I did take a long, hard look at myself in the full length mirror (no details 😉 ) and maaaannnn!!! I need a few more ab crunches, arm presses and a generally upbeat outlook on life3 or else I’m going to end up eating myself out of the few bouts of blues that I’ve been experiencing lately, and I can be sure, this time next month, I’ll be posting pictures up on here, tee hee hee
till next time,
easy does it 😀

Today, encourage somebody (2)

‘Anxiety in the heart of man causes depression, but a good word makes it glad.’ PROVERBS 12:25

Henry Ford and Thomas Edison were friends; they met at a convention sponsored by Edison’s company where Ford worked as an engineer. Someone introduced Ford to Edison as ‘a young man who has made a gas car.’ Ford and Edison talked a while about the automobile, thenand then Edison banged his fist on the table with excitement. ‘You have it! Your car is self-contained and carries its own power plant.’ Ford later recalled, ‘No man up to then had given me any encouragement. I had hoped that I was headed right. Sometimes I knew that I was, sometimes I only wondered, but here, out of a clear sky, the greatest inventive genius in the world had given me complete approval.’ Sir Isaac Newton is best known for his Theory of Gravitation and description of the Three Laws of Motion. But Newton might never have published his work had it not been for Edmond Halley. A well-respected scientist in his own right, Halley visited Newton at Cambridge to discuss a problem he was working on, only to discover that Newton had already solved it. Halley encouraged Newton to publish his work, and even offered to do it at his own expense. The result was the publication of Philosophiae Naturalis Principia Mathematica in 1687, which laid the groundwork for the study of mathematics and changed the way people see the world. Who can you encourage to do great things? Who has God put into your life to cheer on, raise up, or assist on their journey? When you help others to do the things God created them to do, you share in their achievement.


7 thoughts on “Am I that forgetable?

  1. …and finally socks!!!

    You really seem like a genle soul, why do you enage with human beings who wil forget you in a heartbeat?
    rather comw with me, to heaven where we shall abide together and i willask the all seeing ey… father i meant father to give you a little harp and a small cloud to sit on and sing praise songs.

    1. @ Spartakuss, don’t know if the lil’ harp and cloud outfit would work, tee hee hee, thank you for reassuring this lady, you made my afternoon 😀

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