On your marks, set set :-) goooo!!!

All these re-runs of Usain Bolt and Semenya have me  ready to burst with this inner hunger to throw on my running shoes and hit the track. Man, those athletes look amazing 🙂

What’s the plan? Ani aluleeta? Or some rooftop Christian clean fun? Musolini will be there :-_ and Nodesix is one of the sponsors, come on people.
I’ve got a dull ache in one of my molars (when was the last time anyone referred to their teeth by the word molars, lol). I’ve had to schedule an emergency meeting with my dentist (that didn’t sound right ;-))

will let you know how that turns out,
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


They…went through the towns, preaching.’ LUKE 9:6

One night a man walking to church saw four boys hanging out on a street corner, so he invited them to go with him. They did, and they went back again the following Sunday. Actually, these four boys became the nucleus of the Sunday school class he began to teach. Years later his friends decided to contact the four boys, see what had happened to them, and invite each to write a special birthday letter to be read at a surprise party for their old teacher. Their letters were real eye openers. One boy had become a missionary to China, one was president of the US Federal Reserve Bank, one was the private secretary to President Herbert Hoover, and the fourth was – President Hoover himself. Sometimes your small encounters are God-encounters that take place when you’re busy with other things or on your way to somewhere else. If you’re not prepared you’ll miss a real blessing, a chance to grow and an opportunity to put God’s interests ahead of your own. Jesus left the comfort of Heaven to walk the road of human need. You’ll notice He didn’t set up a throne in each town and say, ‘This is My place, if you want to see Me come here.’ No, He went to the marketplace. He went to the boats of fishermen. He went to the homes of ordinary people. The Bible says that Jesus and His disciples ‘went through the towns, preaching the gospel.’ So the moment your compassion is activated, stop. What seems like a small encounter may be a God-encounter, and produce results you never dreamed possible.

o is anyone going to drop a few coins in the wee hands that reach out to you as you go along the street?! Mmmm, or give directions to that not-so-approachable stranger? Or… go figure, make us proud 🙂


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