…waking up with a start

I showed up for this stag party last night, and something peculiar about the whole event jumped out at me. The mugole(guy) shared a name with a long time buddy of mine, but I shrugged it off, why? Because my buddy would have said something to me, that he was getting married and gone on to invite me to his stag party.

Scene 2
I walk into the lounge and to my subtle shock and pleasure all in one, there is my long time buddy. Not one to seem over eager, I stand on my side of the room for a while, then when we are finally close enough to say something, I say my hellos and proceed to ask…

“Who’s stag party is this?” half hoping he would say it’s not his…

“Mine” he says

I’m quick to congratulate him, and after another couple of hours, I purposely leave without saying goodbye, figuring, he wouldn’t notice I’m gone.

The following morning, I’m woken up by everyone, going on about, I’ll be late for the salon, and that church was in 3hours… I ask one of the girls what the drama is about and she looks at me, surprised

“It’s your wedding day today, d’uh! ”

Am I glad it was a dream
till next time,
easy does it 🙂

Resilient people (2)
‘We are hard pressed.’ 2 Corinthians 4:8
Two other traits resilient people share are: 1) They allow pain to spur growth: At the peak of her career when photographer Linda Joy Montgomery learned she was going blind, an inner voice said, ‘This isn’t the end; it’s the beginning.’ She began writing poetry, discovered her calling as a motivational speaker and created the True Vision Institute, teaching kids to tap into their inner resources. The Bible says: ‘Though good people may be bothered by trouble…they are never defeated’ (Proverbs 24:16 NCV). Finding purpose in your pain isn’t a new idea. Survivours of life-threatening illnesses, natural disasters and the Holocaust, and parents of chronically ill children continually demonstrate how over-comers find the proverbial silver lining by reinventing themselves. Paul talks about being ‘battered by troubles, but…not demoralised…thrown down, but [not] broken’ (2 Corinthians 4:8 TM). Meeting challenges helps develop confidence and a can-do attitude that says: ‘I’ve been there, done that, and I’ll survive.’ Michael Jordan once said, ‘I’ve missed over 9,000 shots in my career…lost over 300 games…26 times I’ve been trusted to make the game-winning shot, and missed. I’ve tried and failed over and over again. That’s why I succeed.’ 2) They insist on changing what they can: Paul says: ‘Whatever good anyone does, he will receive the same from the Lord’ (Ephesians 6:8 NKJV). Workers digging through the rubble to help rescue survivours of the Oklahoma City bombing, though understandably distressed, showed fewer symptoms of post-traumatic stress disorder later on. In concentration camps POW’s who routinely gave away their last morsel, proved that you can choose your attitude in any given set of circumstances. How? By drawing strength from God and learning to control the one thing you can control – yourself.


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