hit the BHH BRAKES for a bit…

I had a word with Mom and she feels 18th is too soon, plus she’d like to have a hand in organizing it. She proposes we postpone.

I have a better idea, there’s a place up the road towards Muyenga called Fuego where we could sit and still have our get together,

Till next time,
easy does it 🙂


17 thoughts on “hit the BHH BRAKES for a bit…

  1. hey, we dont want streamers and baloons and a hired clown, so i dont see it being too soon being a problem for anybody but us, which it isnt. all we want is a large enough place to get our thing on.

  2. Postpone so that Princess and Ashy can attend. And so that we can have it some place where Streets can pass out over the hood of Tumwi’s car etc.

  3. Mck,don’t think we can postpone and still have it be4 xmas…k,let’s see how this plays out.Let’s postpone till…no,Ashy’ll take years! till Ug girl confirms

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