what’s the point?

I catch myself asking out loud… Work feels like routine, I’m copying and pasting.
Family is okay, there’s moments when we fight, others when we’re cool with each other, and others when we just can’t be arsed…family is okay.
I have tried my hand at being someone’s girl a couple of times and that didn’t quit play out as I’d hoped…did I think it would keep me from asking what the point of this life was? There were times when I thought that was the whole point of life…meet someone amazing, love the life out of them and bless the lives of those around while you’re at it…

I’m thinking again…

For Heaven’s Sake!

‘We are citizens of heaven.’ Philippians 3:20

Patrick Jenkins says, ‘Having lived in South America as missionaries, my family and I realised that moving to another jungle location meant a lot of work. We knew the discomforts of such things as snakes and bugs. One morning, a few days after beginning to clean our temporary home, the family and I were taking a short break. While we were drinking tea a large black beetle flew through the room making a loud buzzing noise. As it darted between us, my wife let out a scream. Astonished more by her scream than by the beetle, my youngest daughter cried out, “For heaven’s sake, mum!” After a moment’s silence my wife replied, “That’s the only reason I’m here.”‘ Paul says, ‘We are citizens of heaven.’ And Peter speaks of ‘…an inheritance that can never perish, spoil or fade-kept in heaven for you’ (1Peter 1:4 NIV). You’re on a temporary visa; never forget that! Weigh your actions and your decisions in the light of your ultimate destiny, not your immediate comfort. Get rid of the idea that ‘thoughts of heaven are only the pleasantries of the aging.’ This life is the short story; heaven is the unending one. Tummy tucks, face lifts, liposuction, fame, fortune and personal pyramids notwithstanding, your earthly suit isn’t going to last forever. Before you shed it, be sure you’ve fulfilled your God-given assignment and that you’ll hear the words: ‘”…Well done, good and faithful servant…”‘ (Matthew 25:21 NIV). It’s the only commendation that matters. One second after you’ve arrived in God’s presence, what are you going to wish you’d done? That should be the driving force of your life!

There’s perspective Yvonne…go figure

till next time,
easy does it 🙂


5 thoughts on “what’s the point?

  1. It will get a little easier Yv…
    It’s just that the rough parts really kick you in!

    Hang in there, i shall call you for that elusive drink!

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