this here has me somewhat emotional

I had my car returned to me from the garage after sometime a couple of days ago… it was a bit wobbly but you know how I can be sometimes… choosing not to stress, telling myself that it would get better as it got accustomed to traversing the routes I’d come to call my path.

We suffered a flat tyre …no wait…my car’s tyre burst while on the high way yesterday, and He was civil about it, allowing me to steer him gently to the kerb, when he could have lost all stability and flung me from his seat, and who knows, flip a couple of times and wind up ontop of my unshielded unconsious self, who knows?! He’s back in the hospital

This morning on my way to work, I was involved in an accident with another motorist. Breathe…I was seated in the back seat.

The frequency with which these motor-related trips are occuring has me emploring you to say a wee prayer for me, when you can spare the time.
Thank you.

Protected by Angels

‘…He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.’ Psalm 91:11

Every two weeks the missionary went to the city to purchase medical supplies for a small field hospital where he served. On one of his trips he saw two men fighting on the street. One was seriously injured so he stopped, treated his wounds and shared God’s love with him. Then he headed for home, stopping in the jungle to camp overnight. When he visited the city two weeks later a man approached him; the same one he’d helped on his previous trip. The man said, ‘I knew you carried money and medicine with you, so our gang followed you to your camp planning to kill you for the money and the drugs. But just as we were about to attack, we saw twenty-six armed guards surrounding you.’ The missionary replied, ‘No, that’s impossible; I was all alone.’ The man countered, ‘But my buddies saw them too. We counted them.’ Months later when the missionary told this story back at his home church, a guy interrupted, ‘Exactly what day did this take place?’ When the missionary identified the specific day the guy was amazed. He said, ‘On that exact night in Africa it was morning here, and I felt a strange urge to pray for you. It was so strong that I phoned some folks to come to the church and pray with me. Would all of you who prayed with me that day please stand up? One by one the missionary counted them; twenty-six,the exact number of the armed guards. The truth is: ‘He will order his angels to protect you wherever you go.’

till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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