What Does It Mean?

She picked up the pail of water (or what was left of it at least) and with only a rag to cover her intimates, walked back to the house, butt naked, passed a pair of men who had nothing better to do with their time than to desecrate her nakedness with their lingering stares…

My eyes feel swollen, and it’s until I look into the bathroom mirror that my fears or more so my bemusement, the pair is swollen. I am running behind schedule, throw on a black short number and make my way to the car park, only for the driver to tell me that the car is fresh out of fuel.
That was my exact thought. Being the resourceful lass that I am, I quickly call my boda boda guy who promptly picks me up and gets me through the traffic that is characteristic of Kampala town/suburbs/nooks and crannies and gets me to work just in time for the news ushering my 2nd hour.

Work is going on fine, I am looking forward to being in Your presence this evening into the new year. Thank You for making this year everything it has been, I can only hope to be better, do better with the next couple of minutes that You’ll accord me. Thank You

Easy Does It


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