Shhhh….I can here my teeth chatter

…Would best define the limbo I’m in right now. I have a flu the size of Congo, and a headache to match. I send my Mother and Sister to concerts that I’d love to go to myself – I don’t go thanks to the energy-depleting cold.
One of my friends is getting married tomorrow and I know she’d want me to be there for her, the snag is she might fancy a snazzy dress over a pair of jeans and an overcoat, which are what I’d rather don. I can’t for the life of me figure out what I will wear to her wedding. It will come to me.
I mustn’t forget that in the quest for love of my own, standing out as the brightest in a room full of darkness is going to prove a tough one to work out – what with being the Bride’s support and not stealing her thunder in the same breath… I’ll stick with the angels in that decision, breathe.
It’s her day. She’s going to shine, and amma polish her surface to further brighten her shimmer 🙂
It’s friday night, I’m stuck with a cold, I’ve got a debt to pay, and I haven’t seen my mates in a bit – so yeah, I want to hang out too….decisions….decisions…decisions…

till next time
easy does it 🙂


2 thoughts on “Shhhh….I can here my teeth chatter

    1. 🙂 well, the worst of the cold has since packed up and left me, a nagging residue remains, making my voice sound a little husky, very kind of you to ask.
      The wedding was brilliant – and yes the thunder was left un-stolen 😉

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