Take A Moment

It has been a minute. 🙂 Maybe more.
I have since signed a fresh employment contract that doesn’t sit well with my independent self. I am speaking to the legal buffs who will advise me on what steps to take in a bid to achieve a semblance of peace of mind.

In other news, I came out of a rather fulfilling relationship, it was one of those ‘burn so bright, and if I can’t have it all, then it has to die swiftly’ type of relationship. This occurred 4months ago, and now is when I can share the news with you. Can’t say I know how He is, I’m sure He’s doing great. I imagine He took it pretty hard, what with de-friending me on #facebook and doing a bloody good job of not running into me at His Booth, or at JK’s…it has been somewhat easy moving on from that. I wish Him love, wealth, joy, and health. I’ll admit, I will miss the prospect of travelling with Him and mailing our travel trinkets to our home, such that on our return, we’d find all these boxes of goodies that require us to un-pack ’em 🙂 hugs, xoxo Dr.

I am considering the move into television. I’ll let you know how that goes, after my visit later this afternoon.

I graduated with a Bachelors of Information Technology of Makerere University two Fridays ago. Now I can add B.IT Muk to my name 🙂

I’ve taken to baking cakes and cookies, in the hope of adding another stream to my lone tributary of income, it is slow, considering most of my friends would rather taste (scratch that, make it EAT) the cakes and cookies than pay for the goodies. Plus I need to figure out how to incorporate the numbers I put it against the numbers I hope to make from this venture.

Through these all, God has been good and continues to be.
till next time 🙂
easy does it…


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