I Walk Away from Radio end next week (July 30th – August 3rd)

You asked why I was leaving, and I wanted to ask ‘What Do You Care?’ especially since everything happened right under your nose. It was a pleasure, these three years and seven months. I might not be high maintenance and I’m no door mat either.
In a nut shell, the reason surrounding my departure could be likened to You inviting me to your home, and on the day of arrival, I let myself in, only for your German Shepherd to make a bee line for me, and rather than call it off, You just stood there, motionless.

So, it’s been fun, and now’s my cue to leave. Thank you.

About Walkonby

I'm a grown woman, in love with God. I appreciate the truth..I love with everything in me . And now to take my place in the chain, and hold it all together, unifying, healing, and glorifying Jah all the while.
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8 Responses to I Walk Away from Radio end next week (July 30th – August 3rd)

  1. Danny says:

    …Yvonne, whasgonon?

  2. Basiks says:

    A bee line huh with no defences huh!
    Hence the reason for my communiques..>

  3. King Brian says:

    Still want to knw why you left. Used to love ur 10am show alot and the Suday 9pm show too… Why?

    • Walkonby says:

      It was my time to move on to something else. Catch me on Radio One’s Gr8 Morning Show in the week from 6 – 10 am

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