I am in a happy place

This story began a little over two years ago, I find myself giving of my time, and resources, not because I’m hoping this individual will do the same in turn for me, however I have come to see them flourish, literally rise up from their shell of solitude, into bursts of torrential sensitivity, love, and affectionate attention.

This only makes me want to give even more, considering they make me happier when they are happy. I have come to learn their subtle mannerisms, and develop this intense affinity for their choice in harmonic playlists, s/o to Dj Simple Simon 🙂

Lately I listen more, and speak less (unless it has to do with my day job), I relish my admiration of them, I have taken to sharing that with them…
And now, I have to run, 
till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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