May of 2014 is upon us

Love, when genuine, is kind, gentle, patient… I could go on. It feels good being back here after a hot minute. I have covered ground in as far as discovering what makes me tick, what cuts my brakes, what makes my heart dance. God’s been kind, He’s favored me. And continues to.
These last couple of months have seen me withdraw from the dance floor, from my girl friends and guy friends. My silence had nothing to do with said events and people, it had everything to do with me finding contentment in this single path I’m on and being supportive of the friends who’ve found their soul mates; the silence had everything to do with me being out of work, and still being grateful for that cheque at the end of the month and its recipients.
Silence. Teaching me more about what life is about, chuckles, tears, hugs and sighs of relief, mixed therein with grief. For the friends who have concluded their walk here on earth, we continue to miss you, smile at fond memories that served to make us the people we are today.
This walk can be a lonely one, maintain the bridges we build, who knows when next we’ll need to cross back?
Tell the Ones you love, that you do, every chance you get.

Till next time,
easy does it 🙂


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