Write. Everyday. Write.

This last couple of days has seen me ‘search’ for ‘wisdom’ from unlikely sources, and I gather that it pays to glean what you can from a ten minute conversation between the sexiest top finance boss in the whole wide world. Bonjour Madame. 🙂
Is it the way she wears her hair, or her quiet appreciation for soft pink ‘Chanel’? Or could it be the way she is firm, almost quick, to tell you to get over whatever setbacks life may have dealt you. Take a moment. Sit in front of that vanity glass and take a long, hard, honest look at the other reflection…at this point in the episode, it’s too close to call… who’s mirroring who. Survivor2 Survivor SavedByTheLioness_06

till next time,
easy doest it 🙂


One thought on “Write. Everyday. Write.

  1. Note to self…that’s better than nothing at all mama, proud of you. well done. Now to think about the follow up to this, shall we? 🙂 blessings. Thank you for this…WalkOnby

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