In Between Flights

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It’s the dying hours of the month of February 2018, and I am found in the lap of thought about a flurry of situations. #DuckExpress #RoadItTravelsNeedsWork
Having been reassigned duty posts, has seen my transportation circuit switch from the occasional stop for coffee at the boulevard, to a breezy pass through the concrete jungle passed the fairway and green, to the new assignment. I find the change of scenery feeds my motivation for a motorbike, if we are speaking honestly, among other things. The consideration for that mode of transportation arises from the snaking lines of traffic that line most highways at all times of the day. If you reside within the central business district, then you have found yourself smack dab in the thick of it, whether you’d woken up before the cockerel crowed in the A. M., and you were sure you must be the earliest motorist on the road, thereby assuming that your commute would take fifteen minutes, but alas, you finally sat at your desk hours later than you had hoped to arrive… Chin up. Any time we find ourselves in a situation that is particularly challenging, bear with me, I submit to you, take the least travelled road, at least in as far as finding a solution that is not cookie cutter, and the reward you’ll experience in having found a solution will propel you on this journey to then find solutions for the challenges meeting those around you, who knows, we just might make a ode to you, for having been the solution provider in our time. Just think on it for a moment.

Away from the commute, I find myself in need of a stylist, and considering this new-found ‘be the solution to the challenges you are met with’ mantra, it is looking highly likely, that the stylist in me is going to be put in the crucible that is the furnace of ‘to be great or to be late’ to the party that just happens to be dubbed ‘The Stylist Emerges’ and give some of these make believe labels, a run for their money, because I have been equipped with everything that I need for this life. I could believe it, and run with it, or sit by the front lawn of my parents’ yard, ‘ab’okuluujja tubatumidde’, and singing ‘woe is me’. No thanks, to pity parties.
What this spells for me is the bottomless expanse of encounters with fabric, and stitching patterns, as well as the thought of then, sharing what I have learned with up-and-comers that I am certain to run into, on this journey that is called life. The experience therein presents a wealth of growth, and like that child in front of a rolex stand after school, waiting on the rolex chef to hand them a piping hot meals, the glee of it coming through the brisk rubbing of their tiny little palms, the anticipation written on their miniature faces, the child in me smiles at the prospect of her very own styling company and a clothing line or three. I realize I am sharing some dreams of mine with you through this expose. I’d like to hear from you, what are some of your dreams? And how may I help make any of them come true? Leave me your story in the comments section. I look forward to hearing from you.

I also find myself being a part of a team, of complete strangers, which them speaks to the team dynamic. Looking back on all the other teams I have had the pleasure of being a part of, some experiences were fun, memorable even. Others, not so eventful. Going in, it is my plan to be the team’s chief encourager in chief, on top of the other duties I’ll be assigned to execute, and I need to be really good at that lest some members of the team feel inspired to torpedo this project with the characteristic squabbles and intrigue that may have been the demise of strong working teams, from passed experiences. With the possibilities for the game strategy playing into different hands, I intend to keep the power. Let me explain. You ever here someone complain about another’s bad leadership at their place of work or in their community, and in so doing abandoning their part in the responsibility of making the world a better place, because, in these exact words, everybody is doing it! One such complainant has relinquished power over to the one they constantly complain about, make no plan to get out from under said controller’s hold, because every body else is breaking under the weight of poor leadership, making their execution of their tasks almost impossible, if not utterly impossible. Not on my watch, said Yvonne. I am re-reading two books on leadership, which should make for a good work plan going ahead.

I am aware of how important taking care of myself, on this new fork in the road, is. The irony of that statement, given my faith in Jesus, is that on my own, I would bangle that up. You’ve heard the saying, ‘I Can Do Bad All By Myself.’ Let me share some things I am learning. He loved us enough to come down in the flesh and pay the price I owed, stood in my stead at the guillotine, was killed, He died, was buried, and on the third day He rose again. What that means is I am a co-heir in this story.
Ever witness how royalty behaves around turmoil, anxiety or rage. Of course in this case, this royal is washed in love… There is a poise about them. Very rarely will they disintegrate into the seedy clashes that characterize downtown bar brawls of any shebeen which is another word for a kafunda, and if you are meeting the word kafunda for the first time, it is a small dug out that doubles as a watering hole for the cooperate types in Kampala
With that in mind, I am trusting God to take care of me. May He direct my steps and delight Himself in them. May His Kingdom come, in this time of life, and His will be done, in the name and power of Jesus Christ. Do you have any idea how He loves us? Have you encountered His love? Let me paint you a picture. Not one of those little birds can drop dead without His knowledge of it. Did you know that He values you above them little birds? He has counted the hairs on your head, yes even the baldhead. He loves you. Now imagine for a moment, that you believe what I just shared with you. The God of Heaven loves you and has made arrangements for life spent with you, if you’ll receive Him. Receiving Him, I mean, receive His free gift of salvation. I’d be happy to pray with you. Use the comments section to share what’s on your heart.

As you go into a new month, yes, March is moments away, may the peace of God that passes all understanding keep you, in the face of uncertainties. May the Lord bless and keep you. May He make His face to shine upon you and give you peace.


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