Just when I thought I had it all in my stride…

I saw my ex at this new joint in town, with his madame…I wanted to leave as soon as I got there,but my girl convinced me otherwise. After one drink, I saw them leave, which kinda relaxed my urge to leave the party. I held it together until today, I’m in traffic, and it occurs to me that he’s moved on,and I’m still thinking…hurting…I broke down, tried to keep from ramming into the vehicle ahead of me as i had to repeatedly wipe the salty drizzle from my eyes…
And I don’t want to hear about, ‘time will healall wounds’ I know that for crying out loud!
I just need to find my happiness again, i need to occupy my thoughts and memory with something a lot more profound. A part of me wants to hate him, with the hope that I will feel better…I can’t do it. I know I’ve moved on, I just need to find my spring…I want to laugh again, beam with pleasure from anothers’ compliments to me, time spent with me.
And I need my Mother to cut me some slack…I don’t need the constant reminder that I’m single. And no match-making, please. I need the transition to be as natural as possible for me.
Feel free to listen, understand then pour out some words of wisdom.
Till next time, easy doe it

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My week’s start…

Another week begins and I’ve got only one of 6 assignments covered. The other 5 are group assignments and the group members are the kind that make up the list, do zilch, and yet expect a free grade.
My work-out gets better by the day. Today’s triple set of 10’s abs crunches have me abuzz, I got to class in time,, listening to Regina Belle off a Walkman while I wait for the lecturer to show up.
Whilst watching tele last night, I learnt about the Freegan lifestyle where some people in New York pick food and furniture from the trash! Don’t be grossed out. These guys go through trash from hotels dumpsters, coffee shops, supermarkets….and the stuff that gets thrown out, like packs of milk a few days from their expiry date 4 days earlier, or  a pack of eggs thrown out because one was cracked…all this makes for loads of food, and these people pay an average of $10 a week on food, how cool is that?!
I’m giving it some thought, however the thought of trying to get you guys on the same thought train might attract reactions such as “Shaaa! Bandaba batya?!”
Till next time, easy does it.

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It’s after 1am…


A lesson I am attending every chance I get, albeit subconsciously, or so I think.

Every time I have traded pieces of me, halfhoping the other partner was giving just as much of themselves, in return.

Needless to say, for every gentle soul encountered on this journey, there’ve been a couple of not-so-gentle souls.

And it isn’t my place to call them out on their brokeness…have you stopped to look in the mirror?


So, after all this ‘painstaking-sometimes & vivacious-other-times ‘ collection of experiences, I can safely say…

I surrender to You

till next time

:) easy does it

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Here’s to #ReGrouping

You, taking the time to meet up and share in the reality that is life, thank You.

Here’s to regrouping. Anticipate the summon.

:) till next time,

easy does it.

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Praying at Midnight for Release, Victory and Change ..


If you believe in prayer, then, let’s pray. :)
till next time,
easy does it :)

Originally posted on Indonesia-NYA:

Praying at the Midnight Watch!
Recently, I heard the Lord say, “The Midnight Hour is where your victory lies!” In the word of God, midnight could represent the concept of intense darkness or even gloom. However, MIDNIGHT usually meant halfway between dark and the breaking of the light or the middle-point of the night before the light could break through. I believe that is where we are in our lives. When I look at the USA *u can see in INDONESIA also*, I believe this describes the time we are living in.

Over the next month, until the Head of the Year gathering begins on September 25, we are going to be answering His call to watch in the Midnight Hour. In my book, Reordering Your Day, we are reminded of Psalm 119:62 which says, “At midnight I will rise to give thanks to You, because of Your righteous judgments”…

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Might I Testify?

I had no transport fare to get me to church.
There was a banged up piece of machinery in the lot, and by the grace of God, I got to church and back home, after a powerful message about not getting carried away by the glitter of the world, but rather to be grounded in the Word of God, and by faith, walk in grace, to the glory of God.

Night night
till next time,
easy does it :)

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Write. Everyday. Write.

This last couple of days has seen me ‘search’ for ‘wisdom’ from unlikely sources, and I gather that it pays to glean what you can from a ten minute conversation between the sexiest top finance boss in the whole wide world. Bonjour Madame. :)
Is it the way she wears her hair, or her quiet appreciation for soft pink ‘Chanel’? Or could it be the way she is firm, almost quick, to tell you to get over whatever setbacks life may have dealt you. Take a moment. Sit in front of that vanity glass and take a long, hard, honest look at the other reflection…at this point in the episode, it’s too close to call… who’s mirroring who. Survivor2 Survivor SavedByTheLioness_06

till next time,
easy doest it :)

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Am I The One You Seek?


Am I, intentionally becoming the person that I’m looking for, is looking for?

I have listened to #Andy speak about

..and I’ll paraphrase at this point….

“Am I the Person that the Person I’m looking for, Is looking for?”

I’ll say this…it is a work in progress…

till next time,
easy does it.

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Happening Tonight…Lantern Meet of Poets


If you’re in Kampala, join us for some rustic real African poetry

Originally posted on Walkonby's Weblog:

‪#‎The_Lantern_Meet_of_Poets‬ happens tonight, and goes on for two nights smile emoticon
Dates: 23rd &24th Jan. 2015 -7:00pm both nights
@ National Theatre for UGX 10,000
See you there

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